25'000 liters of liquid manure to poison 400 of fish

In the Tobelbach in Neftenbach is all dead. At least 400 fish have died, thousands of small animals died. Up here again, life is restored, it will take months,

25'000 liters of liquid manure to poison 400 of fish

In the Tobelbach in Neftenbach is all dead. At least 400 fish have died, thousands of small animals died. Up here again, life is restored, it will take months, fish should be here no longer no more. A week ago, are running at a farm above the Tobelbachs around 25 cubic metres of slurry, which are mixed with 25'000 litres of faeces of animals in the ratio of one-to-one with water. As research shows, it was probably the carelessness of a farmer triggers for an agricultural disaster, as they were in the Canton of Zurich in the past ten years, so never.

"Fucking savages!"

The affected farmer has three so-called manure pits, which store the fluid. Two hold 300 cubic meters, 600 cubic meters. On Monday one of the smaller pits is full. The farmer pumps the liquid into the large pit and leaves the yard.

What he did not consider: In the large pit over 400 cubic metres of liquid manure are already. So the liquid occurs. A long time no one noticed. Until the pump is turned off and the fire Department is alerted, it is too late. The manure has already gone the Tobel down and dyed the Tobelbach brown. On the water, a white foam forms.

The rescue workers to build several miles down the river, a lock and pump the fluid to a field. To prevent that, the toxic broth arrives in large quantities in the river Töss, and even more damage.

"It is as if you have a sirloin steak in the pan and forget. This can happen to you!"Local resident

Who wants to know three days later about the incident, will not be received with open arms. Here, 15 minutes from Winterthur far, you have it deposited. The guard dog barks at the car as it is on a farm passes. Still repellent to the farmer emerges from his house. "Do you want to make the farmers bad again?", he complains after the Journalist has presented. And without the answer to be seen: "A fucking rags pack are you from the left Tamedia!" He wipes it with his broom to the ground, as it was, the uninvited guest blowing away a fleeing. Over the manure incident, he does not want to talk. Only so much: "This is happening on the other side of the Ravine."

There, a woman receives a much friendlier – even though the Journalist comes at an inopportune time. She opens the door, and gives to understand, you've just got a sirloin steak in the pan and no time. Your face is in question after the manure incident is more sinister. "Yes, that happened here. Not so bad," she says and crosses her arms. Whether it's because voice is what people will tell you that a lot of manure and the Tobelbach was now dead? "You have to ask the police." It was carelessness? "It is as if you have a sirloin steak in the pan and forget. This can happen to you!", she says, and her friendly voice is louder now. It is time to say goodbye.

The Canton police confirmed the incident on request. On Monday, shortly before 16 o'clock the fire brigade was alerted, about 25'000 liters of liquid manure had come out and we've counted about 400 dead fish. "How many have also been washed away, is not known," says a police spokesman.

more Than 100 violations in a year

From 2010 to 2019 was one of the office for waste, water, energy and air (Awel) of around 180 transactions, which are usually in smaller amounts of manure has expired. A total of around 600 dead fish were found. Such a big incident like last week, there was at this time never.

Nevertheless, the police sent out, no media release. "On the day of the event, the extent was not yet clear," says a spokesman. Hardly such incidents make for great headlines. The Canton police a year far more than 100 Reports with violations of the water protection act.

The smaller cases go to the offices, which Violations, with buses able to sanction up to 20'000 Swiss francs, if intent can be proven. This is practically never the case, says Catherine Nägeli Diethelm. According to the Governor of the district of Andelfingen in the single edit, instead of holding offices of one to two cases a year, to punish environmental sinners with buses between 400 and 1000 francs. You yourself had in the past years, only a case in which a wastewater treatment plant had overflowed. This is still pending. In the case of negligence, the Maximum fine is CHF 10'000.

'polluter pays' is often unknown

the Larger cases – and most are – will go directly to the state Prosecutor's offices. These deal with Offences which are sanctioned with imprisonment up to three years. This is also the incident at the Tobelbach heard. Such manure cases are relatively rare. "The farmers are highly sensitized," says Governor Nägeli Diethelm. Ten times more often, the Awel-on-call people back because of other causes.

the number one reason for water pollution with fish sites are going to die. From there, corrosive-site sewage gets in the water, with fatal consequences for the animal world. Other sources of traffic, such as due to leakage of engine oil or petrol, as well as industrial and commercial installations. From 2010 to 2018, it came in the Canton of Zurich to die 4 up to 25 fish up to 9 cancer and die in that year. Overall, thousands of animals died.

an Average of 45 people per year are convicted of Offences against the protection of waters act.

In October 2018 about protection medium of delivery in kleinandelfingen plants via meteor line in a stream. Several Hundred crabs died. In Marthalen killed lye soap trout in October 2015 370. Even 1000 dead trout, sculpins, and Bart gobies called a pollution of the Arsbachs at Wila, in August 2012.

Between 2010 and 2018, have been in the Canton of Zurich, an average of 45 individuals in the year due to violations of the water protection act is condemned. You have an entry in the criminal register. The causes of the fish massacre, but remain mostly unknown. "A water pollution is not always visible", it means the building Department. It is not, therefore, a turbidity of the water, or the formation of foam, as happened in Neftenbach.

"Such cases are usually detected only when the dead fish are in the waters, and the source is shipped to end substance already." The result: The message is too late, and the fabric can no longer be determined. "Then prove, whether and on what kind of water pollution the fish is due to die, is difficult," writes the building Department.

The farmer who has soiled with his carelessness of the Tobelbach, should now have to answer before the Prosecutor's office. The police has displayed the 'polluter pays'.

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