24 surprises: Star Wars, Harry Potter, superheroes: four Lego Advent calendars in the star check

For many people, Advent calendars with chocolate are as much a part of Christmas as the Christmas tree and the presents on Christmas Eve.

24 surprises: Star Wars, Harry Potter, superheroes: four Lego Advent calendars in the star check

For many people, Advent calendars with chocolate are as much a part of Christmas as the Christmas tree and the presents on Christmas Eve. But for several years now, the Nashis have had to share the pre-Christmas season with tea, perfumes, toys, spices, sex toys and much more. This year Lego has also released several calendars with 24 small surprises made from clamping building blocks. Year after year, adult collectors of minifigures eagerly await the Ugly Sweater that Lego “dresses” selected characters. How ugly are the sweaters this year? And what is hidden behind the doors for little Lego fans? Stern has inspected the 2023 Lego Advent Calendar and reveals what's behind the doors and what young and old can look forward to from December 1st.

After the 2022 City Advent Calendar contained a nice but rather random selection of mini builds and figures, this time the 24 small Advent presents can be clustered into four themes. Three doors should delight gaming fans, another handful are dedicated to activities on ice and in the snow, and in 2023 Santa Claus and Mrs. Mrs. will travel through the winter world in style in a reindeer sleigh. Three additional mini models will provide cozy moments, including a fireplace with an open fire. Lego is adding one more to last year's six minifigures for the festival of love this year. There are also two small animals. A solid haul for minifigure collectors.

However, not much has changed in the design of the Lego City Advent calendar. The back can be folded down to form a small play area. The scenery this year: a Christmas market with stands, a carousel and a huge fir tree.

stern conclusion: The Lego City Advent Calendar 2023 surprises with seven minifigures. This puts it on par with the Marvel Advent calendar and just ahead of the Harry Potter and Star Wars calendars. Once again you won't find any printed arms or legs, the design of the torsos is okay. From our point of view, the highlights are the angelic blonde star singer, the sporty Santa Claus on her snowboard and a signpost printed with Santa Claus, reindeer and sleigh. Funny: The girl's smartphone display can be found almost 1:1 on the gamer's sweater with the headphones. Unfortunately, this time too the mini surprises are packed in 24 transparent plastic bags. It even had to be a 25th for Santa's really fancy hat. Our wish: Christmas 2024 in paper please! Otherwise, you can't go wrong with this calendar for just under 22 euros. Here you can find the Lego City Advent calendar.

The key details of the Lego Star Wars Advent calendar read promisingly: 320 pieces, eight figures, two of which are exclusive minifigures in a Christmas look. Little star warriors can look forward to dressed-up droids as well as 15 spaceships and other galactic vehicles to build. Luke Skywalker is taking a break this year, but Emperor Palpatine is celebrating Advent 2023 in a bright red ugly sweater with a matching mug, after he took a break in 2022 and gave way to his dark half-brother Darth Vader in a summer sweater.

The other highlights are quickly told. Omega is the only one of the 25 minifigures in the 2023 Lego Advent calendars that stands out with beautiful arm prints. But the figure is not new. Exclusively in the Star Wars Advent calendar, fans will find an Ewok in a Christmas outfit. Princess Leia and a clone trooper complete the clear haul.

stern conclusion: In our opinion, the Lego Star Wars Advent calendar 2023 does not come close to its predecessor. Not only that, with an RRP of just under 38 euros, it has become a little more expensive: apart from the solid minifigures, the numerous mini builds are mostly only suitable as parts donors. Many of them have already been seen in one form or another in recent years. Only the pit droid dressed as a Christmas gnome and a gonk droid in a reindeer outfit can please. In short: five figures, two built droids and 300 colorful clamping blocks are a bit too few for us. Minifigure collectors shouldn't miss out on the exclusive figures. Here you can find the Lego Star Wars Advent calendar.

After two rounds of Guardians of the Galaxy, the Avengers are back in the Lego Marvel Advent calendar in 2023. And what lies behind the 24 cardboard doors is quite impressive. Because behind every third one is one of the coveted Lego minifigures (we're counting the little bunny at this point). This time Black Widow and Spider Man were allowed to slip into ice hockey action in the chubby Ugly Sweaters. But the other minifigures are also convincing. Lego also supplies all sorts of Christmas accessories such as a fireplace, a richly set table and the obligatory Christmas tree. There is also something for fans of the micro-scale figures.

star conclusion: In our opinion, the most attractive of the four 2023 Lego Advent calendars we checked. Seven figures, plus a toy bunny and two dark blue microfigures. You can't expect much more. Spiderman playing ice hockey is a fun idea. Captain America's shield can be placed above the fireplace. The Hydra train on a miniature scale is also convincing. Even if only 243 pieces fall out of the plastic bags: the Lego-Marvel Advent calendar is our winner in this little comparison. And here's the Marvel Advent calendar.

The theme of Christmas plays an important role in the eight Harry Potter films. How fitting, then, that Lego has also released an Advent calendar in 2023 for friends of the courageous sorcerer's apprentice, big and small: It includes 24 surprises, all of which revolve around the teachers and apprentices at Hogwarts Castle. But various accessories from the film series are also included in the current Advent calendar.

stern conclusion: Muggles beware – and dress warmly! Because it's gotten cold in Hogwarts. Harry, Ron and Hermione have unpacked their thick jackets and scarf and even Draco Malfoy only goes outside in a fur hat. In the current Lego Harry Potter Advent calendar, the four sorcerer's apprentices are joined by Madame Rosmerte and, for the first time, Aberforth Dumbledore, the host of the somewhat dingy Boar's Head in Hogsmeade. A direct hit. Unfortunately for a sad occasion. Michael Gambon, who played the innkeeper in the Harry Potter films, died at the end of September at the age of 82. The six minifigures have a wintery print and are well made. Especially Harry, who hides under a burgundy hood. Other highlights: three printed pieces, including a 2x2 tile with a mug shot and a signpost to Hogwarts. All in all, Lego will also deliver a varied Advent calendar in 2023 based around Joanne K. Rowling's Sorcerer's Apprentice adventures. 24 worthwhile surprises for Potterheads big and small.

Tip: Behind door 24 there is a buildable tool with printed parts that is needed for a board game. The playing area is the folding back of the calendar. Here you can find the Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar 2023.

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