2022 tax filing date: first deadline next week! For who ?

TAX DATE 2022.

2022 tax filing date: first deadline next week! For who ?

TAX DATE 2022. The first deadline for filing your tax return is set for next week. Are you concerned? Which departments? We tell you everything.

[Updated May 18, 2022 07:53 AM] The deadline is getting closer. The 2022 declarative campaign is in full swing and inevitably, the first deadline is starting to point the tip of its nose. Indeed, for taxpayers who have opted for the online tax return, several departments are already concerned! If you live in the departments between (01) and (19), hurry up! You have a big week left to return your tax return to the tax authorities. The deadline is April 24, 2022. As a reminder, even if your declaration is pre-filled by the tax authorities, that you use the automatic declaration, you are required to verify the information, complete it and send it back. Even the introduction of the withholding tax does not change anything, it is an obligation. Also note that the deadline for completing the paper tax return has been postponed from May 19, 2022 to May 31, 2022. Back to the full schedule for taxpayers who have opted for the online tax return, on the internet:

The opening of the 2022 declarative campaign was scheduled for April 7. Everything went well at the opening on Thursday, before a big hiccup that the tax authorities had absolutely not expected. No possibility of accessing the pre-filling of the tax declaration for three days. In question ? Pre-filling errors concerning the overtime of certain civil servants. The problem was solved on Monday 11 in the early afternoon. From now on, everything is back in order, all taxpayers can complete their tax return. Let's start with the details you absolutely need to keep in mind regarding the paper tax return.

Taxpayers who use the paper form have until May 31, 2022, at midnight, to send their tax return, the postmark being authentic, regardless of their place of residence. The deadline is therefore the same for everyone. As a reminder, only taxpayers who do not have Internet access or who do not have the capacity to use digital tools can still use the paper form. Internet tax filing is now mandatory.

To declare online, you must connect to your private space with your tax number and your password. If you do not yet have a password, enter your tax number, your online access number and your reference tax income. You will find these identifiers on the tax return received in April (tax number and online access number) and on the tax notice received in August N-1 (reference tax income).

If you have forgotten your tax number or your password, on the authentication screen, the procedures allow you to recover your identifiers.

Once authenticated, select the "Declare my income" service. Your online declaration will be pre-filled with information known to the administration. All you have to do is verify your marital status, your address and the pre-filled amounts. You can correct them if necessary. Then, you will complete the other income you have received and the charges, reductions or tax credits to which you are entitled. Don't forget to sign your online declaration for it to be taken into account.

The deadline for online taxes on impots.gouv.fr depends exclusively on your department number. A total of three zones have been determined by the tax authorities. Here are the deadlines that applied this year: