12 minutes of suffering, 12 minutes relax – done

Stefan briefly explains the Exercises: squats, a plank variation, a modified fuselage bending. Everything ever made or something similar. Only he insists that t

12 minutes of suffering, 12 minutes relax – done

Stefan briefly explains the Exercises: squats, a plank variation, a modified fuselage bending. Everything ever made or something similar. Only he insists that the Exercises are performed as slow as possible. All right?

He turns the large hourglass at the end of the Mat, let's go. Carefully he followed the Exercises, corrected verbally or with the Finger. He pushes a mean in the page and ensures that the abdominal muscles are always tense.

Very slowly to the Limit

In the hourglass, it has granules for 12 minutes. A no brainer, you might say. But long before the 10-minute mark of the the Sweat runs down already. Amazing how quickly you can bring your body to the Limit. And with so much slowness.

Then the 12 minutes are up – half Zenmove. Stefan leads into the next room, where four wooden crates, relax boxes called. Inside it is silent, until the voice that leads you through a relaxation exercise and after a further 12 minutes back to back Now get.

In the Relaxbox performs a voice through the relaxation exercise. Photo: Reto Oeschger

The concept sounds a little to "Gspürschmi". But the good feeling that makes a Zenmove lesson behind, is real. On a scientific Basis, the concept of Stefan, not yet. He means with the surname Schwitter and is the inventor of Zenmove: "The proof is in my clients over the past five years." A study, in cooperation with the University of Zurich, but in clarification.

The service is close to a staff-Training

For whom is Zenmove suitable?

"It's mostly people come to us who have already solved tens of subscriptions in fitness centers, but never went," says Zenmove-founder Stefan Schwitter. The Training is suitable for all fitness levels, the instructor, who takes care of the twelve-minute Work-outs and Exercises according to simplified or difficult provides. The support is close to the personal training, because a maximum of four clients to train at the same time.

What it takes?

Comfortable sport clothing, say a T-Shirt and short or long training pants. No shoes,the Exercises are performed on a gymnastics Mat in socks off.

How much will it cost?

Zenmove in 1/3/6-month or annual subscription. For a of exercise per week, paid monthly 90 to 130 francs (annual or monthly). In the case of two or more units per week, the price of the Training is cheaper. Schwitter advises the average athlete to two units a week.

when and where?

during the week of 7 to 20 PM, Saturdays from 9 am to 13 PM. Either in the Studio at the Baden street or via online coaching anywhere in the world. Book the lessons online,until five minutes before the start. (XYZ)

Schwitter, 36 years of age, has already experienced a lot. Once he appeared as a Wrestler in the world, occurred in up to 200 Shows per year – until his body the rigors of not more cooperate with this. "He gave up the Ghost, I was a wreck," says Schwitter. He had to find his inner Balance again and came up with his concept: "in Order to stimulate the muscles, it is not necessary to spend two hours in the Gym. But a clever train – and relax." In the United States, he worked as a Personal Trainer and combined strength training with deep relaxation.

The reactions to it were so good that he came five years ago, to the conclusion that he had found his niche. Back in Switzerland, he had four of him, contrived relax boxes, carpenters, and and so it's Zenmove. "Without a business plan, completely naive," he admits today. That's why he has been working for five years to treat, without the holiday. "But ill, I never was – I agree with my concept of the "blame" for this," he says.

Fits this hectic time

In January, followed – thanks in part to the entry of a business partner of the change to the new Locally close to the Stauffachers. Here Zenmove thrives: On the wall in the basement is to be recorded on a poster and a calendar. Each month the green dots to take including. Each stands for a subscription conclusion. "90 percent of the people who make a trial to come back," says Schwitter. Sweat and relax, which fits into our hectic time. Why Schwitter soon to properly relax: In the may holidays are booked.

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