1-person household: Gadgets for singles: Practical everyday helpers for people who live alone

If you live in a single household, you need less space – at least in purely mathematical terms.

1-person household: Gadgets for singles: Practical everyday helpers for people who live alone

If you live in a single household, you need less space – at least in purely mathematical terms. And accordingly less inventory. Nevertheless, many single people cannot do without important household appliances such as a dishwasher or a coffee machine. However, most food processors are very large and therefore less suitable for people who live alone. If you still don't want to do without your breakfast egg or favorite ice cream, you can simply get smaller appliances that are designed for one-person households. Read on to find out what these are and how you can easily overcome the small hurdles of everyday life even as a single person.

Although most smartphones now have a front camera, that doesn't mean that you can take beautiful portraits with it. Even if you have a steady arm, it's not easy to get a sharp picture of yourself and your surroundings. If you used to have to talk to strangers who wanted to take a picture of you, you can now use a selfie stick (with a tripod). Shaky pictures are a thing of the past.

Whether hard-boiled, liquid or firm on the inside and soft on the outside: Anyone who likes to eat an egg for breakfast usually has a precise idea of ​​what the consistency should be. The perfect cooking point works particularly well with an egg cooker, but most devices are designed for multi-person households - except for this model from Wmf (including measuring cup with integrated egg picker) from the kitchen mini series, which was specially developed for single people.

Normally, as a single person, you can help yourself in most situations, but there are moments when you need a third hand - for example, when you have an itchy spot on your back that you simply cannot reach yourself. The extendable telescopic back scraper, which you can adjust in length, was invented for exactly this case. Depending on how short or long your arms are, you can now reach any unreachable place.

A dishwasher is more than practical, especially if you live with several people in a household. For one or the other single person, however, the normal devices are too big because they don't really get filled - for that case there are the so-called table dishwashers for small households. They are cheaper, smaller and more compact (usually there is only one drawer) than ordinary devices, so they fit in any closet.

Of course, single people can also use a normal ice cream machine, but their freezers often lack the necessary space. With the 3-in-1 ice cream maker from the Wmf mini-series, however, this is no longer a problem: the device holds just 300 milliliters and can therefore produce small quantities of frozen yoghurt, sorbet and ice cream - in just 30 minutes. A really practical gadget for the home for those with a sweet tooth.

Even if most rental apartments are equipped with an oven, the device uses a lot of energy - even if you only want to cook a small pizza in it. In order to save space if there is no device (yet) or to reduce costs, investing in a mini oven can make sense. It only needs a short time to heat up and works normally with top and bottom heat.

For people who live alone, an ordinary coffee machine is sometimes too much of a good thing. Especially if you only want to drink one cup a day and don't need a monstrous fully automatic machine for it. A single coffee machine with an integrated insulating cup and lid to go is significantly more productive and practical, which holds just 400 milliliters and thus offers space for a maximum of two cups of coffee.

At the bottom of this series is a cookbook by GU for singles, which is primarily designed to show you how to prepare a delicious meal for one person in just 15 minutes: whether salad or snack, soup or stew, vegetarian, with fish or meat - in This book contains 35 delicious and healthy recipe ideas for the perfect dinner for one.

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