1-2: Valdepeñas takes advantage in a magical minute

Win or lose, the best thing about Viña Albali Valdepeñas is that it always competes.

1-2: Valdepeñas takes advantage in a magical minute

Win or lose, the best thing about Viña Albali Valdepeñas is that it always competes. Over the years, David Ramos has put together a team that is very difficult to break. Installed in the elite of Spanish football in their own right, the Manchegos have brushed a title up to three times (finalist of the Spanish Cup and the League in 2020 and the Copa del Rey in 2022). Therefore, it seems legitimate to ask: why not aspire to the League this year? Well, for now, the plan is going according to plan. In the first leg of the quarterfinals, played this Wednesday, Valdepeñas won a meritorious victory against Jimbee Cartagena, whom he beat after coming back in the second half to finally win 1-2, with goals from Lazarevic and Bateria.

As expected, the match was tied between the fourth and the fifth classified in the League (we must not forget that Cartagena came second on the last day, but a defeat against Barça made it drop three places in the classification and lose the factor basketball court). Mellado, 22 years old and international with the Spanish team, scored the 1-0 halfway through the first half in a great individual play: he received on the right, cut inside and adjusted it low to the opposite post. Humberto, Sergio González or Ivi enjoyed the best chances from La Mancha, although without success.

In the second half, Valdepeñas came from behind in a magical minute. Rather, in 58 seconds, to be exact. The tie at one came against one against. Lucao failed alone against Edu Sousa in what could have been 2-0 and, in an instant, the ball ended up in the opposite net thanks to a very fast move in which Matheus Preá gave in to the Serbian Lazarevic at will. And with no time to digest it, Preá himself forced a free kick up front and the scoreboard worked: Rafael Rato put it on a plate for Bateria, who shot Chemi.

Ivi was close to scoring the third by dribbling past the goal and hitting the post at an empty goal, although it is true that he had little angle. Meanwhile, Cartagena pressed with goalkeeper-player, although there was never a feeling of suffocation. The second leg of the tie will be played this Sunday, at 8:00 p.m., at the 'Virgen de la Cabeza'. Valdepeñas is better off even losing by one goal, since in the event of a tie there would be extra time and, if the tie persists, the best-ranked team passes.

- Jimbee Cartagena: Chemi, Bebe, Lucao, Motta and Solano (starting five). Also played: Mellado, Fernando, Peru, Jesus, Simi Saiotti, Marinovic and Juanpi.

- Albali Valdepeñas Vineyard: Edu Sousa, drums, Sergio Gonzalez, Lemine and Geraghty (starting five). Also played: Nano, Gabriel Ribeiro, Humberto, Ivi, Matthew Prea, Rafael Rato and Lazarevic.

Goals: 1-0: Nicked, m. 12; 1-1: Lazarevic, m. 24; 1-2: Battery, m. 25.

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