Becky G's third album is out today.

Becky G's third album is out today. Under the title Schemes, the singer presents a work full of fusions and sounds with which she demonstrates what she has been a maxim of hers since the beginning of her career: never pigeonhole herself.

The vocalist has already released some singles in recent times that reflect her commitment to the variety of sounds, such as Mamiii, performed with Karol G. It is a female hymn to spite in the era of social networks and exceeds 750 million of reproductions, as well as multi-platinum and diamond records.

"In the world of Latin music, especially women, they always try to put us in a little box and say: 'there you stay,'" the artist pointed out during her presentation. "I don't want to feel limited as an artist."

The interpreter's new record work was conceived during the pandemic, a period in which she was able to reflect on the balance between her personal life and her career, and how to keep anxiety at bay. Until March 2020, her tours and commitments barely left her time for her family, her boyfriend and her close environment and she questioned how long she would continue with that rhythm.

"I felt very sick, I felt bad, I was trying to find balance (...) and the 'boom' came, which was the pandemic, but thank God he gave me the time to find my balance, because since I was a child I have lived anxiously," revealed the singer.

The award-winning artist, who, among other awards, has received up to four American Music Awards, released Mala Santa, her debut album, in October 2019 and since then has had an ascending career in which she has had several number ones on the charts. Billboard, one of them for Mayores.