About US

As an online news portal, The Indo New York promises accuracy, quality, and truthfulness. Our team is composed of professional staff of journalists, proofreaders, and editors. Checking every news story and detail is of paramount importance for us, prior to the online publication.

Team of Professionals

We take pride in our team of experienced and professional journalists. Through a collective effort, we ensure that every story is gathered, written, proofread, edited, and delivered properly and accurately. News stories are checked and reviewed by our expert editors, making our news articles easily-readable and clear all the time. It is one of our firm rules to read all stories first before publishing them online.

Facts Delivered

We make sure that our team of news reporters and sources provide us with factual news stories always. We intend to lessen or eliminate mistakes in our reading materials, ensuring that all facts are correct, including the name spellings of involved individuals. We also double-check the correctness of the order of events throughout our storytelling process, keeping days, dates, and time in sync with the actual happening. In a nutshell, we strive in gathering and delivering news stories that are 100% factual.


Our team ensures comprehensiveness because that’s who we are. While we gather stories, we make sure that we get all the details in order to create a newsworthy article. The readers may have questions; hence, the entirety of our stories guarantees to answer those queries. We never welcome missing details because the amount of details in our stories will move our audiences, feeling a sense of completeness after reading through. We always want our readers to be educated and informed with only the truthful content in all of our articles.

Necessary Revisions

If we feel or prompted by some mistakes, we immediately attend to them. Our team of proofreaders and editors will make the necessary revisions or corrections, following the noticed errors, whether the errors are from the gathering process of stories or from our news media affiliates. We check for mistakes until we are satisfied and confident of the details in our published articles. We, too, are open to constructive criticisms as we are open-minded when it comes to the welfare, growth, improvement, and development of our website.

Absolute Capacity

Since we are in the journalism and broadcast industries, we have hired professional and well-trained writers, journalists, reporters, and editors. The men behind our website are composed of people with the absolute capacity in news writing and reporting. On top of that, we also have a network of various media sources and affiliates. Everyone in our team is not only knowledgeable, but also committed to providing knowledge-boosting and entertaining stories.

Ultimate Medium

The world web is our ultimate medium in our news delivery and reporting and we will retain it that way. We maximize the accessibility, efficiency, and convenience of the internet as we provide our readers with their daily dose of local news stories. Overall, we always guarantee timely delivery of the most comprehensive and factual news that matters to the community.