The Sheriff’s Department of the county is asking the public for help in locating 3 additional suspects in a deadly firebombing at a local tire shop, killing 3 teenagers last month.

At a Tuesday’s press conference, the officials of the Sheriff’s Department have released some photos, including video surveillance of 4 suspects in relation to the April 25 firebombing incident. The suspects were identified as Estavan Castillo, 20; Mario Godina, 19; German Monrreal, 19; and Roberto Fuentes, 19, who is now in custody.

Recently, Fuentes was arrested. He was charged with murder and arson, shortly after the firebombing incident that happened around 5:30 in the afternoon at Cheque Tires, located at 1252 Santa Anita Avenue. Three of the other suspects still remain at large, according to the officials.

Lieutenant Victor Lewandowski from the Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau said the agency believes that they are local residents of the southern area; however, the officers also believe that the suspects have fled.

According to the detectives responsible in the investigation, the 4 suspects threw Molotov cocktails directly at the tire shop, right after attending a small gathering in the same place. The officials said they left the area with Fuentes’ mother’s car, which the year, make and model were identified.

Lewandowski said none of them have gang ties or any significant criminal background. The detectives now know the motive for the firebombing, although did not disclose to the public because of the ongoing investigation. Lewandowski said they would want to ensure that the agency maintains the investigation’s integrity of the court procedures. Lewandowski was asked if the 3 other suspects at large are dangerous, and he replied yes.

A video surveillance was released by the department, showing the 4 suspects, along with a fifth person, whose identity is still unknown walking down the sidewalk of another unknown street. The fifth person involved was wearing sunglasses, and also remains a person of interest, according to Lewandowski.

The Lieutenant said they only know the fifth person as “George”. He was the only person wearing sunglasses in the footage. The official declined to comment, whether other video footage was obtained from neighboring businesses that actually showing the suspects throwing the Molotov cocktails. Lewandowski said they cannot go further discussing into such kind of stuff.

The casualties in the incident include Destiny Monique Aguirre, 18, Rodrigo Gonzalez, 17, and Christopher Jimenez, 17.

A close friend of Aguirre’s mom, Alisha Gonzales said during the press conference that Destiny was a young woman who puts her friends first, telling everybody that the suspects took somebody who just wanted to help others and put her heart out. Towards the end of her statement, Gonzales requested the audiences to help them find the criminals who took the young woman’s life forever.

The detectives had planned on submitting the case to the court on Tuesday afternoon, according to Lewandowski, and to obtain warrants of arrest for the 3 suspects at large. Last week, an arraignment was continued for Fuentes until June 29. The Homicide Bureau is now requesting anyone with information that could help them solve the case.


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