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Menstrual blood in pancakes
A woman in Malaysia has been slammed on internet for making cakes with her own menstrual blood after posting the images and the ‘ingredient’ on instagram.

The woman in hijab says that she is part of a group that encourages women to embrace their menstrual blood instead of being disgusted by it.

One of her actions is to mix her menstrual blood into the food she makes.

She has been making pancakes, waffles and cookies with her blood and she is very proud of it.

She then posted the images of her creations on instagram expressing her pride in her creations.

The reaction was not what she imagine she would be getting though, as she was slammed all over for it.

Many of Malaysia’s Muslim instagram users condemn her for what she has done.

“As a Muslim, don’t you overlook your menstrual blood.”

“Please take off your hijab, you disgrace it.”

“That is a dirty blood, why would you put something that dirty in your food?”

“Even if you want to support your group, there are other ways that make more sense.”

Those are some of the comments on her instagram account.

I wonder what other things she could use her menstrual blood for? any suggestions?

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