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bendable iPhone 6 PlusJust got your shiny new iPhone 6 Plus? be careful if you carry it around in your back pocket, you might accidentally bend it… permanently.

There are reports everywhere that their iPhone 6 Plus got bend when they sit with the iPhone still in back pocket, or even when they are dancing in a wedding, is it really that bad?

This is actually trending in twitter now under hashtag #BendGate, apparently, many people are complaining how vulnerable this new iPhone is.

The video below will show you how vulnerable the new iPhone 6 to bending.

How to avoid this? you may want to take out your iPhone when you are about to sit or do some physical activities like dancing or running. Not practical? that’s the price for having the giant new iPhone.

Or you can buy a rigid case like the one shown on the left, this actually will protect your new phone, although at the price of the looks.

This iPhone 6 Plus hard case is selling for $16.99 (free shipping too) on Amazon, so you better pick it up before you accidentally bend your iPhone for good.

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