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Heart breaking pictures and video of a baby girl rescued by the police with her head stuck in public toilet shook the world.

When the patrons of a mall hear a baby’s crying from the public toilet, they called the police immediately because they didn’t want to risk hurting the baby.

When the police officers arrived in the bathroom, what they saw was really heart-breaking.

The newborn baby girl’s head was stuck in the toilet hole crying fighting for her life.

The police officer then carefully pull the baby out of the public toilet and saved her life.


The baby was taken to hospital immediately for treatment. Fortunately, the baby survives and doing well at the moment.

The police unit is now looking for the parents of this baby who heartlessly dumped the newborn baby.

In China, it is quite common for female babies being thrown away, because they are less desired.

Baby boys carry the family name and can take care of the parents in the future, while baby girls will be given away to other families.

This caused many couples to abandon the female babies.

Abortion is not illegal, but finding out the baby’s gender while in pregnancy is illegal to prevent abortion.

China is now facing a serious problem where many men couldn’t find wives because of the in-proportionate gender ratio.

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