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crazy mom kicks little child
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This abusive mom kicking and hitting her helpless six year old child which caused the little child internal injury got caught on camera.

The six year old boy suffered internal bleeding and was rushed to Shenzhen Nanshan District People’s Hospital by his father for treatment.

After a thorough examination, the boy was found with internal injuries caused by severe abuse, but was under control because he was rushed to the hospital in time.

In the interrogation, the mother said she furiously kicking him repeatedly in abdomen out of anger because of his disobedient.

By the time his dad got home a couple hours later, the boy, Cheng-Cheng appeared very pale and unable to eat.

Sensing something is not right with his son, the father rushed him to the hospital to get him checked up.

With his mother looking all guilty while Cheng-Cheng was being checked up, she confessed to his father that she kicked his son in the belly.

Dr. Wang, Shenzen Hospital’s doctor caring for Cheng-Cheng recommended the mother to seek help from psychiatrist to ease her pressure and help her with child education.

There is no report that Nanshan police department is involved with this and they are not expected to deal with this family’s internal problems.

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