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mice crucified

If you see a mouse, you’d try to kill it on the spot, right? Not this guy, he crucified 3 mice as example so other mice can see… I know, right?

Many people including myself hate mice, if I see a mouse, I’d take a broomstick to beat it or Raid to spray it to death. I assume most you would do the same, except my wife, she likes rodent and would keep them as pets.

This Chinese warehouse owner on the other hand, took the hatred of rodent to a new level.

After he caught these three mice alive, he nailed them (crucified) them on the tree on the street with a writing ‘I was a bad boy, I did wrong and I get punished for that’ so other mice can see and learn from their mistake.

Did he seriously think mice would be able to understand his writing and do what he wants?

On the other hand, one of my friends who went to China for school once told me that roddent issue is problematic over there.

It is extremely difficult to keep a building mouse free, maybe same like roach problems here in New York City.

No mattet how much I clean, I keep on getting roaches in my kitchen, and it really gets on my nerves, so to some degree, I can feel this Chinese man’s frustration that caused him to do this.

Hey, at least they don’t have bed bugs problem over there…. or do they?

I actually more curious of what ‘animal lovers’ aka animal rights fighters in US think of this, must really upset them.

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