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man sues wife after seeing her without make-up
This man was so shocked and traumatized to see his new wife’s real face without make-up for the first time, he sues her for it.

Appararently, at the first they met, he was enticed by her beautiful face thanks to the make-up she put on.

Instead of dating her and getting to know her better first, he married her quickly so he could have her beautiful face sooner.

Once he consumated his marriage, he woke up screaming to the face he didn’t recognized.

He thought a stranger had come into his apartment to steal his stuff and had abducted his wife.

He still couldn’t believe the person he woke up to is the same person he married the day earlier.

He said he was deceived by her as she filled up her face with make-up before their marriage and that he is so hurt by that.

He has filed a lawsuit suing her over $20,000 for fraudulence and trauma. Looks like the honeymoon ended before it even began.

Not sure if I should feel sorry for the groom or the bride.

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