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iPhone 6 Plus Bend feature
People have been talking about the bending feature on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, is it real? we’ll let you know here. iPhone 6 Plus – Bend the Rules.

What is bend? it is another word for mis-shaped. People have been complaining that their iPhone 6 Plus bends when they put the phone in their back pocket here.

What does it look like? look at the bending animation below, you will have an idea of what we are getting into;

iPhone 6 Bend animation

So, is iPhone 6 Plus is really THAT cool that it is bendable? before we start, let’s take a look at promotional posters for iPhone 6 Plus’ Bend Feature below;

iPhone 6 Bend
iPhone 6 Bend
iPhone 6 Bend

If you read the article I linked to on the top, you will know that once it is bended, it can’t go back to what it was.

And, DO NOT listen to what other people say that if you put it in microwave, you will get it back in shape, that IS A LIE!!!

The bend thingy is not a lie though, but it is NOT A FEATURE given by Apple, it is their design flaw in their attempt to keep it thin while expanding the size.

These posters and video (YES!!! There is a promotional video of this BEND feature) are created by a website called 4Chan which has quite a reputation of creating pranks like this.

Check out the fake BEND promotional video below and tell me it doesn’t look legit and not created by Apple’s marketing team;

Again, DO NOT ATTEMPT What you just saw on the video nor the posters, you will regret it, and I don’t think Apple will give you a replacement for your bended iPhone since they will tell you that you didn’t receive it like this.

If you insist on trying it, try it at your own risk, ok?

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