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iphone 5 announced

image source: engadget

Apple has announced iPhone 5 along with new generation of ipod touch and nano. How does the new iphone stand against Samsung Galaxy SIII? details inside

And how does it compare to iphone 4S? This time Apple has finally gave in in screen size and made in bigger to 4″ against Steve Jobs’ theory that no one wants a big phone, and that everything has to be done with one hand with iphones.

Apple’s new CEO, Tim Cook on the other hand, seems to have different idea but don’t want to upset many apple fanboys by going radical over 4″ and put the 4″ as the limit upgrade from iphone 4S’ 3.5″ screen.

The front camera has also been upgraded from VGA to 1.2 MP, so facetime should be sharper now than ever and you can do facetime via 4G connectivity now, no more depending on wifi connection. Wifi frequency has also been added from the standard 802.11 b/g/n to Dual-band 802.11 a/b/g/n

Processor wise, it also saw an upgrade from Dual-core Apple A5 to Apple A6 which is of-course, faster.

It also uses a new connector called Lightning, which is smaller, lighter and thinner, which means you have to folk out additional $29 for this connector and a whole new set of accessories.

As you can see from the connector comparison picture below, the new connector actually looks a bit like micro usb connector currently being used by Windows Phone, Android and Blackberry devices.

iphone 5 connector vs iphone 4 connector

source: engadget

And of course on top of all those sweetness, this beast will be running on iOS 6, and the SDK has just been released to developers who want to start developing for this new iphone 5.

The rest of the features basically stays the same so personally, i don’t see a necessary upgrade if you only need a little bigger screen and a little faster processor, because it seems like this is more like a cosmetic bump rather than a revolutionary upgrade from the previous version.

So, how does it stand up against the likes of Samsung Galaxy SIII?

Comparison (engadget) of iPhone 5 vs Galaxy SIII

iphone 5 vs galaxy s3 comparison
iphone 5 vs galaxy s3 comparison chart

Samsung Galaxy S3 definitely win in terms of screen size, but screen quality-wise, we still need to have both phones standing side by side and play movies and games to judge which screen is better.

It certainly won’t do things we expected the new iphone 5 to do, but hey, this is not bad also, right?

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