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iOS 7 AirDrop
You might have heard about iOS 7′s new cool feature; AirDrop, that protects your iPhone or iPad from breaking if you accidentally drop them, for real?

Before you being a jackass and try updating your iPhone to iOS7 and drop it, read this first.

It says’ New to iOS 7, accidental drop protection. AirDrop protects your iPhone from falling damage from up to 1.5 meters. Once falling movement is detected (by the accelerometer), sensitive components switch off preventing damage. Clever use of the iPhones high speed vibrate function ensure it lands face up, protecting the glass screen.’

I know there are so many people aggrieved with their iPhone’s broken glass like this. Believe me, I see 3 iPhones with broken glass out of 10 EVERYDAY. So many people might actually fall into doing this.

Have you heard the rumor of fully charge your iPhone in 15 seconds using microwave? or that iOS 7 can make your iPhone or iPad waterproof?

This is the same rumor outed by pranksters who want to see who would fall into it and actually do it while they laugh their asses off you.

AirDrop really protects your iPhone from accidental drop?

The moral of this story is, DO NOT DO IT. You will end up with another iPhone with broken glass and it will cost you more money and giving it away to Apple more to change your screen.

The best thing to do when you get your new shiny iPhone is; get a goddamn case for it. It might not look as shiny or classy or expensive or whatever your want it to be, it protects your gadget.

There are some cool cases that doubles as your wallet as well or have a stand so you can watch or read on your phone without holding it all the time. Get one of those, you will be glad to do it.

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