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Some people say Apple’s new iOS 7 can make your iPhone and iPad waterproof? really? don’t just believe it, read this first, it’s important.

If you are thinking that iOS 7 in iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c can make it waterproof like Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, you are dead wrong, waterproof is from the build, not operating system.

This was started by 4chan just like the one to fully charge your iphone in 15 minutes using a microwave rumor back then, well… DON’T DO IT!

So far, nothing from Apple is waterproof, don’t be stupid and get a waterproof case from amazon like these ones.

If you wonder where this waterproof iOS 7 came from, below is the screencap of where it came from.

4Chan iOS 7 waterproof rumor

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