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iphone 5 features
can’t wait till iphone 5 is officially out? this is the list of what the almighty iphone 5 can do, and will put Android and Windows Phone to shame

iphone 5 Expect your iphone 5 to be able to do this:

  1. plays 3D movies
  2. features a 3D video camera
  3. does your taxes
  4. does your hair
  5. cleans your teeth
  6. performs cosmetic surgery
  7. repairs appliances
  8. attracts UFOs
  9. washes your cat
  10. exfoliation
  11. spains straw into gol
  12. cures flu
  13. gives your flu to your ex
  14. masseuse
  15. makes you invisible
  16. makes broccoli taste like chocolate
  17. pie on demand
  18. controls weather and stock market
  19. get out of jail free
  20. predicts future, changes past

No wonder iphone 5 will be in high demand, and will surely put android, windows phone and meego to dust, think of anything else this phone should be able to do as well?

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