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teleportation happened in China
Do you believe in human teleportation? this may sound like science fiction, but this man caught on traffic camera doing a teleport to save a rickshaw from getting hit by a truck

When I was watching the movie ‘Chronicle’, it got me thinking, ‘well this world is huge, with billions of people, there must be a few people with special gifts like that, but hiding themselves otherwise they could become some kind of lab rat’.

China alone has more than 1,2 billion people, that’s like 3 times more than US population, I can imagine they have the potential to have more gifted people than we do.

But teleport? someone who can do teleportation? now that sounds like X-Men movie for me, but this traffic surveillance camera in China caught a man doing exactly that teleport to save a rickshaw driver from getting hit by a running truck.

The truck driver stopped the truck and got out to check if he actually hit someone, but the teleport guy and the rickshaw he saved were right behind him. Sounds creepy eh?

All this time we never seen anybody doing this, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. But with the technology we have at the moment, we can capture almost anybody using cameras (or google earth).

For those who don’t understand what teleportation means, it is the transfer of matter from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them, so one guy can jump from outside your house and suddenly appear in your room with no time.

Why don’t you check out the video and judge for yourself if this is a real teleportation or another hoax?

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