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followed by a stalker? use this tip
Did you know there is a quick and easy way to scare off a stalker or unwanted man approaching without using pepper spray or taser gun? words are powerful, use them.

Just some silly tips to get rid of a stalker, do it at your own risk, this is just meant to be a joke:

‘Women, if confronted by a dangerous man, tell him about your feelings, your hopes and dreams, your anxiety, your relationship troubles, and how society has let you down. He will go home and kill himself.’

Lol, sounds real indeed, but better don’t do it.

On the serious note, when you think you are being followed, pay attention, don’t panic, you could put yourself in more danger if you do.

Scan your surroundings and watch your steps, better head to a crowded place and lose the person in the crowd, NEVER go to a dark alley or a place with no people there.

If you are alone in the dark, walk faster while getting your cellphone out and call 911, calmly tell them your position and that you are being followed.

If it’s a residential neighborhood, even though there is no people on the street, shout ‘FIRE’ loudly, people will come out and the follower will realize that he is found out.

DO NOT go straight home, it will tell the follower where you live and puts more danger to yourself when you are at home, instead go to a random house and knock on the door or ring the bell. The follower most likely will hide near that place. Once someone opens the door, politely ask them to help you call the police and let you wait there until police arrive to pick you up and drive you home.

If you know Kung Fu, you are always welcomed to kick the follower’s ass if you are confident you will win.

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