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What a Christmas miracle, this 72 year old grandpa came back to life when he was about to be set on fire by his family, complained that they wanted to get rid of him.

If you thought this was a ghost story, worry not, it’s not.

This 72 year old man, Deepak Singh, from India, was believed to be dead when he fainted in the middle of cow feeding.

His family called a doctor, and the doctor pronounced him dead.

They then proceeded to prepare for the ritual that is carried out along with chanting.

When they rested his body on the ground and preparing to set his body on fire while chanting, they were shocked to see the body started moving again and horrified when they saw the grandfather waking up again.

grandpa back to life 02

But they then reacted quickly, doused the pyre and relieved he was not set on fire yet.

The grandpa, half-pissed, said that “I know I might be annoying, but to this extent that you declared me dead.”

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