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how to find php.ini

I’m sure some of you are going crazy trying to find php.ini file on your wordpress site, let alone changing it. This is the quick solution to do it.

Credit to shamill55 on wordpress support, this tip is provided by him.

Just follow the instruction below and you will be find.

1. First, go to your website’s cpanel or ftp.
2. Go to wp-admin directory.
3. Create a new text file and name it info.php.
4. Open info.php file and add these lines:

5. Save that info.php file.
6. Go to www.yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/info.php in any web-browser (firefox, chrome or IE)
7. Around line 5-8 you will see Configuration File (php.ini) Path, find it in your cPanel file manager or ftp.
8. Open that php.ini and edit it.
9. Done.

Good luck

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