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Fantastic Four Review; it's bad.Rating: . If you have forgotten the feeling after ‘The Last Airbender’ and looking forward to relive it, go see Fantastic Four. Otherwise, DON’T! It is THAT Bad.

This movie had gathered quit negative vibes since last year, especially when it was announced that Michael B. Jordan was going to be Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch.

Back then, comic book fans were enraged because Johnny Storm, the playboy with blonde hair and blue eyes was going to be played by an African-American actor.

The irony is, Jordan is actually the one giving decent performances, and some of the best parts of this awful movie involve him.

The cast itself is not bad, they are talented young actors. But the pacing, storytelling, plot and CGI effects really let them down.

The director, Josh Trank distanced himself from the movie right after it was released, saying it would have been better received had it stuck with his visions and not Fox’s.

The movie so far got a disastrous 9% score on Rottentomatoes website and 27 out of 100 on Metracritic.

Saying the acting was bad is an understatement, I’d blame it on the dialogues. Check this out;

saw this on imdb:

(At the very end, when they see their new base, they decide they need a group name)

Reed: I think that the four of us need a name.

Sue: Why would we need a name?

Reed: Because we’re a team now, and there’s four of us…so, we should come up with a name for it.

Johnny: Like, The Human Torch and Torch-ets

Ben: How about The Big Brain and his Neurons?

Sue: How about The Big Brain and HER Neurons?

Johnny: How about two guys, a girl, and The Thing that nobody wanted?

Reed: (To Ben, looking at their new base) We’ve come a long way since the garage.

Ben: Gotta say, it’s fantastic.

Reed: Say that again.

Ben: It’s fantastic.

Reed: Yes, it is! Guys, I got it! Ready?

(End title card pops up) Fant4stic. The end.

If your question is ‘that can’t be real?’, well… unfortunately, it is real. Reminds you of a certain ‘The Last Airbender’ movie, doesn’t it?

The first half of the movie is not that bad, but it went downhill extremely quickly once it gets into the second half of the movie.

Its opening Friday intake was only $11.3 million. For a movie with a budget of $120 million to make, this is not a good sign.

This will definitely hurt both Josh Trank and 20th Century Fox, but I rather them hurting than my fellow moviegoers who will have to throw away 100 minutes of their lives enduring unbelievable pain.

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