Doctor Raped His Patient While She Was Unconcious
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doctor raped patient
A surgeon in China took advantage of his female patient and raped her while she was under the influence of anesthetic and unconscious and filmed it while he was doing it.

Wenwen underwent a surgery in Xiamen Woman and Infant Health Hospital but after the surgery was done, she was still unconscious and still under the influence of anesthetic given to her.

The surgeon, Pan, 38 years old, then saw that he had a chance to do ‘stuff’ to her, started kissing her and undress her.

Seeing that there was no reaction from her, he went further and raped her on that surgery bed.

He then took out his video camera and recorded everything he was doing, probably for ‘souvenir’ of him having a rare good time.

After Wenwen woke up from her anesthetic later, she felt something was wrong and called the police.

Police then arrested the perverted surgeon and sentenced to two years in jail for taking advantage of unconscious woman and sexual abuse.

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