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Man caught a dragon
Message boards in China has been shocked by two pics of a man caught a mythical creature, a dragon and killed it while having his dog watch him doing it

Probably this man was not sure if this a dragon, which is tiny in size, probably a baby one and curious if it was real and that’s why he cut it open to see if that’s a real one or just an eel.

Nobody knows how he came into such legendary creature, got his hands on one and yet instead of handing it over to the authorities, killed it and cut it open instead.

Many people will be skeptic as I did at first and dismiss this as another photoshop magic, but after blowing it up and look at it carefully, I’m pretty sure that this could be the real deal.

The pug doggy playing with its tail showing that it was still alive when the mean guy holding it by its neck, and I’m not sure how one, even Chinese, could make a fake dragon model as real looking as this one.

And talk about killing dragons, in Europe, dragon hunters were probably heroes, but in countries like China and Japan, dragons are worshipped as Gods, deities, and killing one would probably get you in big troubles.

Dragons are well known as the earth’s guardian and the keeper of nature’s balance, they have red , green , goldĀ  and white , I think the one in this picture is a baby red dragon.

They traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, hurricane, and floods, they also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck

So either this guy is a big idiot and trying to make the daddy dragon angry and cause all kinds of natural disasters in China, or it’s a fake in attempt to become another internet celebrity.

Which one do you think this guy is? what’s your theory on this? and do you even believe in the existence of dragons?

red dragon
man in China caught a dragon

Chinese man killing a baby dragon

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  1. rae says:

    no blood on the blade…..and in all honesty, in the modern age…who doesnt have a better camera on their cellphone? the feet never moved.feet never moved either. obviously fake but that goes without saying

  2. mellody says:

    i didnt know that the dragon still exist? O.o ?

  3. Waiho Lau says:

    it's nothing special, nothing different from Swan :/

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