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Now this is one of the greatest and latest cheat skill, you can camouflage your iPhone as a scientific calculator in your exams so your professor can’t take it away from you.

Just take a look at the picture below, if you don’t pay enough attention, you’d mistaken it as a regular scientific calculator.

However, when you take off the buttons, it is an iPhone with Google ready to help bail you out of your exams.

jurus contek ampuh ala iphone sebagai kalkulator

Awesome, right? where to buy? find out at the accessory stores near you or you can search through ebay or Amazon. Some actually looks like it on the Amazon links below, just check them out, you might find something.

iphone calculator case

FYI: DO IT AT YOUR RISK!!! IndoNewYork is not responsible if you get caught and fail your class!!!

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