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Please be aware when you receive an infringement notice, especially those not from official copyright company’s websites. I just received a bunch of emails noticing me of infringement activity on my internet. What do they think I’m doing? downloading movies illegally? I subscribed to Netflix, idiots.

Below is the example of the emails I got, most of them went straight to spam box, but a couple of them made it to my inbox. Usually they attach a file, which contains viruses and malwares by the way.

Before you open the attachment, it’s always a good thing to check where the email from, like: Then you know that this is a phising email. Once you open that email, it confirms that your email is a working email and they can work on hacking it.

Usually it says like this;
Notice of Complaint, you must take action in 24 hours (as shown above).

Please share this to your friends so they won’t become a victim of these malwares;

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