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iPhone 6 design leaked
Above is the leaked design for Apple’s iPhone 6. Will there actually be three models to choose? 4 inches, 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches? If so, it means Apple will invade the phablet territory currently dominated by Samsung.

Whether or not this design turns out to be real or not, that is one super sexy design.

Many Apple fanboys have been crying for bigger screen, if this is what they reveal later in their September launch, it will make many of their fanboys happy, yet against Steve Jobs’ will at the same time.

Jobs wanted a gadget that can function and effective with only one hand operation, which is not the case with phablets like Galaxy Note series.

If the 4.7inch iPhone and 5.5inch iPhone rumors turn out to be true, hopefully they are as good looking as the render above.

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