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150 years old crocodile caught in Panama150 year old ancient giant Crocodile just got caught in the lake Gatùn, Colòn, Panama, a crocodile that big actually looks like an ancient dragon, eh?

Authorities of the Panama’s National Environmental Authority (ANAM) found the giant crocodile on Friday in the Four Altos sector in the province of Colon, Panama.

It took at least 8 adults to help move this gigantic animal since it is larger than all of them combined.

The giant crocodile is named Juancho. Its length is approximately 9.8 feet or around 3 meters long.

This Juancho however, is not the largest crocodile ever captured. Lolong was the largest ever captured, measuring at 20.3 feet or around 6 meters which is twice the size of Juancho.

You can tell this is not an alligator because of the size of the head. Alligators have wider head then crocodiles.

What would you do if you captured one of these?

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