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real pikachu
forget about the space, even in our sea, we have many creatures we haven’t seen. These sea creatures look like they just came out from Pokemon cartoon

The yellow creature above surely looks like Pikachu from the Pokemon series while the blue slug looks like something you would surely catch to use it against some kind of fire element, right?

The blue thing is called The Blue Dragon or Glaucus Atlanticus, it is an aggressive predator that would attack and consume live organism much bigger than itself, it is also poisonous, so don’t mess with it.

These beautiful creatures can be found off the coast of South Africa, Australia and Mozambique, floating on the surface of the water.

They are also called sea slugs in common, they float on the sea and are blown onto shore during the summer months onto Central Coast beaches. The ones in the video below were collected at MacMasters Beach in New South Wales.

Why don’t you look at these ‘pokemon’ below and see how amazing they look. Would you own one?

Videos of these ‘pokemon’ creatures below

The Blue Sea Slug feeds almost exclusively on the tentacles of the stinging bluebottles. The larger ones are Glaucus atlanticus, with a single row of pinnae, while the smaller one has multiple rows of pinnae, hence is Glaucus marginatus

This Pikachu like creature is also commonly called Liu Gu Ishigaki sea slug, isn’t it the cutest thing?

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