Amanda Seyfried topless photos from Lovelace 'leaked'
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Amanda Seyfried racy photosAmanda Seyfried, the star of Red Riding Hood and Mean Girls stars as Lovelace, the legendary porn star from Deep Throat, has her topless photos ‘leaked’.

The 27-year-old actress, who plays former porn star Linda Lovelace in the forthcoming film, felt liberated although thought it was a risky move for her movie career.

She said “The first thing you think about is that it could ruin my career. It’s funny, because I felt liberated when I was doing it. I’m sure people that are very protective of me wouldn’t feel very comfortable with that, but it’s like, what’s the big deal?”

This could be a make or break for Amanda Seyfried’s career as she goes naked and she could get a reputation as a star who needs to do nude scenes to sell a movie.

Either that, or she could get nominated for the Oscar if things went the right way.

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